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Hello and welcome to the Thrive Family! Just like a new addition to any family, there’s always an adjustment period, right?  Well rest assured there will be a lot less sleepless nights and crying with this transition! We want to make it even easier on you as you get used to your products and start experimenting and getting to know Young Living and the Thrive Family Essentials Team! With a “teachers heart” to equip you for your goals, we have compiled some of our favourite tips and insider knowledge to help you get the most out of every drop and every dollar you invest in your journey to wellness purpose and abundance.

Here are some super helpful resources:

 1. To get started, login to the VIRTUAL OFFICE. Some things you’ll find:


 2. Short Video tutorials to get you started on the Virtual Office (These can also be found on the Member Resources Section of your Virtual office (along with a host of other awesome tools – consider spending a few minutes checking them out!)

3. CANADA SPECIFIC CUSTOMER CARE LINE: 1-855-429-2616 – available Mon – Fri 6:00 am to 8:00 pm MST, Sat 7:00 am to 5:00pm MST

 4. Get the tools!

  • The Young Living Blog Follow the YL Blog to learn more ways you can experience the goodness Young Living has to offer.
  • Life Science Publishers Here you can purchase books and other helpful reference resources to guide you on your wellness journey!
  • “YL Search” Engine A fantastic search tool that brings up Young Living Specific information. This is great when looking up information on products, usage and testimonials!

5. There are 2 different promotions available each month! 
You have access to both! As a Canadian with wholesale pricing, we are fortunate to have access to both the Canadian Registered Products (called OTG for on the ground) as well as the entire US catalog (called NFR – not for resale).
 One promo is catered to qualifying Canadian/OTG orders and the other is catered to US/NFR orders. TIP: We often recommend using essential rewards for your OTG, Canadian products and using your “ER Points” for ordering  NFR products until the dollar comes back up!

6. To access the US Product Guide: click here

7. Don’t forget: To access & order the Canadian & US Products login to your account using your member number and password.

8. You Could be leaving money on the table each month! I highly recommend setting up an Essential Rewards (ER) order. 
This program is a no-brainer. In fact if you are serious about wanting to take control of your whole home and body wellness, you can’t afford not to use this program…who can’t afford FREE? Essential Rewards comes with a ton of benefits: reduced shipping rate, priority on low products, and access to special packages which are only available to Essential Rewards Members (hello Thieves kit!!) and you earn at least 10, 15 or 20% cash back towards free product! So as a wholesale member you can now save 34-44% off of the retail price! (vs. 24% for non ER enrolled members) This is a zero commitment program (you can cancel anytime) and you get to choose whichever products you want or need each month! Young Living will never ship you product you don’t request. It is an amazing, flexible opportunity toEssentialRewardsExcitment ensure you enjoy your membership with Young Living to the fullest! You can set up your ER order on line or via customer service 1-855-429-2616.

Make sure to check out the Essential Rewards Diffuser PROMO right now available to new Canadian ER members only. Here’s the coupon!

  • Enroll in ER and order a minimum of 100PV for 3 consecutive months and you will receive a FREE Home Diffuser.
  • Then after 9 consecutive months ordering 100PV or more on ER you will receive a FREE Aromalux Diffuser.
  • Must make sure to send in coupon attached to redeem each diffuser.
  • This coupon is located in the member resources section of your back office. OR
  • You can find a coupon included in your Premium Starter Kit

Thrive Family Lifestyle Lounge You are part of a very special family now! The Young Living family! Join our Facebook group to learn more about the Young Living Lifestyle and keep up to date on current promotions, fun product tips and more! This is a secret group so please message me for access! 

Interested in the business side of Young Living? Please connect with us directly and we’d be happy to explore what your journey will look like!

We look forward to hearing some of your incredible success stories!  Thank you for joining our family!


Megan & Travis